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The Orinoco Complex in London's SE1 is home to Miloco Studios HQ, as well as our flagship studios The Pool, The Red Room London, The Bridge, Elektrobank and The Vault. The building also accommodates four long-term let studios. With a large tracking room, mix room and two smaller writing/mixing in the box rooms it is the perfect location for a large artist needing multiple studios simultaneously, or for songwriting camps, with the space for writers to work in different rooms. 

Elektrobank, Bermondsey, London

Programming Room

The Toyshop, London, England

Recording Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

The Vault, England

Programming Room, Writing Studio
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The Pool is a huge tracking studio with vast live room, vocal and drum booth, and control room with EMT console. It's packed full of vintage equipment amassed by producer Ben Hillier, from the 'keyboard world', to the amp wall, and the two storey high instrument shelves that take up a whole wall and can only be reached by ladder. We haven't even gotten to the selection of 40 mics to choose from! With such extensive gear, huge, creative spaces and tons of visibility, this is a favourite studio for many bands. 

The Red Room London is our newly launched mix room, in collaboration with Swiss mix engineer Philippe Weiss. Centred around an updated SSL 56 channel G+ Series Console with both Ultimation and total recall, with a Pro Tools rig and a heap of outboard, this is arguably one of the best mix studios in all of London. This is made especially true with the installation of a pair of monstrous Augspurger Duo-15 Monitors with dual 18" subs. You haven't heard power and clarity until you've heard these!

Next door is our signature writing room, The Bridge. A room that can be booked as a standalone studio or in conjunction with The Red Room, this programming and writing studio is both intimate and spacious, with a large control room and two booths. It features an Audient ASP4816, Yamaha NS10 Studio and Genelec 1031 monitors, large leather sofa, coffee table and atmospheric lighting complete the room's inviting and relaxed atmosphere. 

The Vault is our state-of-the-art programming, writing and overdubbing studio  It is the perfect studio for programming, editing, vocal recording and overdubbing as it is equipped with the latest gear from UA, Neve, Neumann, and plenty more. Not only is it fully stocked, but is a great looking studio featuring a bespoke acoustic design. 

History: Orinoco Studios was built in the mid-1980s in a converted warehouse on Leroy Street off Tower Bridge Road. Over the next 15 or so years it made its mark by producing Enya's Watermark album, featuring the worldwide hit 'Orinoco Flow', as well as partly recording Oasis' infamous What's The Story Morning Glory?, and their follow up Be Here Now. In 1997 Orinoco produced more No. 1 albums than any other studio in Britain besides Abbey Road. Miloco bought the Orinoco building in 2000, moving their HQ to this location. The acquisition included studios The Toyshop and The Engine Room (now The Red Room), where The Chemical Brothers produced some of their finest music. In 2006 The Pool was added in partnership with producer Ben Hillier, converting the huge space into the versatile tracking room it is today. Three years later a brand new control room and drum booth were built in The Pool - the same year that The Engine Room was given a complete aesthetic and acoustic refurb. On the other side of a newly-built wall a new live room was built called The Bridge, a studio divided into three separate recording areas: two booths and a larger main live space. In late 2015 The Engine Room was renovated and relaunched as The Red Room London, with a brand new SSL desk and Augspurger monitoring it has become Miloco's premier mix room. 

If you have any questions about any of these studios or would like to make a booking enquiry please call our bookings team on +44 (0) 207 232 0008, or email bookings@miloco.co.uk.

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