Claude Vause

Claudio, Cloudy, Cloud, C-Lord

A bit about Claude

Claude Vause, a Freelance Audio Engineer from New Zealand, has immersed himself in London's creative scene over the past five years, serving as an assistant engineer at Sleeper Sounds. His extensive experience is reflected in a diverse portfolio, highlighting his versatility and unwavering dedication. Claude's friendly and enthusiastic approach fosters a welcoming environment for artists to thrive.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of growth, Claude seizes every opportunity to learn, expand his knowledge, and refine his skills. Collaboration with fellow professionals is a core motivator, acknowledging the value of shared experiences and collective growth in the music industry.

Claude's genuine passion for his craft shines through in the exceptional quality he consistently delivers. His friendly demeanor, coupled with technical expertise, establishes strong connections with both artists and peers. Claude remains steadfast in his commitment to creating meaningful and transformative sonic experiences.



What people had to say about working with Claude:


"Claude is one of the special ones! Someone you want to be in the trenches with. Always able to anticipate anything an artist or producer might need before they even know. A rare breed! He makes every session a better and smoother experience. If I could work with Claude everyday I would." - Koz


"Claude is one of the finest engineers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He is as technically proficient as he is emotionally in tune, a perfect combo that allows for creativity to flow in a studio environment, and for the best music to be made. He’s incredible attentive in sessions, and always prepared with solutions for questions that haven’t even been asked yet. On top of that all, he’s also just a great hang and all around legend. Can’t recommend him enough!" - SG Lewis


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