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*Currently unavailable*

Great medium sized studio for tracking bands with 2 live rooms, main control room and office for small studio set up (great for comping and extra assistant work). 

Studio consists of: Control room, large live room, 2nd live/drum room and small office for comping etc (4 rooms in total). 

Price: £3,950 + VAT per month or £23,100 + VAT per 6 months (ie £3,850 + VAT per month)


  • - 6 months minimum rental
  • - wifi, all bills included
  • - Parking spaces included 
  • - Shared kitchen, lounge and toilet
  • - Gated Community / 24hr access
  • - Located in Wandsworth, south west London


Equipment included:


Computer Hardware: Apple Mac 8-Core/ 64Gb Ram – 3 x 16 Digidesign 192 I/o Interfaces.

Software: Waves Diamond Bundle; Pro Tools, Melodyne and more

Outboard Equipment:

1x Sessiondesk Oktav

AMS Neve 1073OPX - 8-Channel 1073 microphone preamp

API 3124V Discrete 4 Channel Mic/Line Pre with Variable Output x 2

Audient ASP800 - 8-Channel Mic Pre with 2 Retro Channels and Built In ADC

Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture

Tube Tech CL 1B - Compressor (Mono)

Tube Tech PE 1C Program Equalizer

SSL X-Desk - 16/2 Rackmount Mixer

Speakers Stands:

K&M 26795-018-56 Floor Stand 800/1350mm high (Genelec 8260-415B)

K&M 26792-042-56 Bearing Plate - Structured Black, 420 x 5 x 380 mm.


Neutrik NPPA 96 Point Bantam Patchbay with Rear 25 Pin DType Connections x 2

Klotz & Neutrik 3m Pro 8 Way Loom DType to Male XLR x 4

Klotz & Neutrik 3M Pro 8 Way Loom DB25 to Female XLR x 4

Klotz & Neutrik 2M Pro 8 Way Loom DB25 to DB25 x 3

Klotz 3m Pro 8 Way Loom DType to DType x 1

Klotz 7m Pro 8 Way Loom DType to DType x 7

Instruments & Midi Equipment: Baby Grand Piano

Monitoring & Amplifiers: JBL 4435; JBL 4435 Active Crossover system; Dynaudio BM5A; 250 Yamaha NS10M

Microphone List: Neumann TLM170 x2; Neumann U87 x2; Neumann U89 x2; Neumann TLM 103; Peluso VTB; AKG C414 x2; AKG EB x2; AKG P48 x2; AKG C451EB x2; AKG D112; AKG D170; Shure SM58 x2; Shure Beta 58; Shure Beta 57M x2; Shure SM57 x2; Beyer M201N; Sennheiser MD 441U3; Sennheiser MD421 x2; Electrovoice RE20

Miscellaneous: Acoustic Screens x4 Screenscreens; EMO passive DI box x3; Microphone stands x12, multiple headphones and other bits and bobs.


Let this room

If you have any questions or would like to make a long-term let enquiry please call our bookings team on +44 (0) 207 232 0008 or email

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