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"Don't be flat..."

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"In Sydney's current studio climate A Sharp Is a God send. The control room is beautifully tuned and the live room is extremely versatile. The assistant made the session easy and I would encourage all Golden Robot Acts to record there. It's is a killer option to record at high end quality and not pay high end prices. "

Producer Steve Balbi - Golden Robot Records

"I've worked in many studios around the world; in Australia, I wouldn't mix anywhere else..."

Producer Steve James - Grammy Album Nominee

"We have no trouble getting true sounding drums and guitars out of A Sharp. The room has great acoustics and the desk and outboard gear is equal to anywhere we'd recorded previously in Australia or overseas. The staff are quick to pull up a great sound making the tracking process fun and immediate. We've mixed tracks recorded at A Sharp both onsite and elsewhere with consistently strong results. We will be back in 2017."

Greedy Smith - vocals/keyboards with Mental As Anything

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