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In 2013 Miloco made its first steps into the West Midlands when it teamed up with Summerfield, one of the newest and most exciting Birmingham recording studios. Close to Birmingham's bustling city centre, but with good transport links out of town, Summerfield presents a great tracking and mixing facility for both local bands and those from outside the city looking for a fresh and inspiring place to make records in. Scroll down to find out more about one of the best new recording studios in Birmingham.

Summerfield Studios, Birmingham, England

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Summerfield Studios has been built from the owner's vision to provide a hugely comfortable and creative atmosphere, combined with top-drawer acoustics and an ever-growing collection of great recording studio equipment. As the only studio in this part of the country to join the Miloco roster so far, we feel we have a first-of-its-kind recording studio in Birmingham that offers the city's music scene something different.

The studio is centred around a beautifully-crafted control room featuring a Soundtracs Jade console, excellent monitoring that includes flush mounted Tannoy FSM main monitors and a choice of decent outboard gear. A large sofa sits behind the console in the prime listening position, and an ambient lighting system allows clients to create the desired atmosphere.

To the left of the control room and separated from it by a large triple-glazed window and see-through door is the stunning, spacious live room. Acoustically treated to yield a range of colourful sounds thanks to its pinewood floor and range of acoustic panels, this room provides a host of sonic possibilities. Whatsmore, the backline available here is a treat for any band. There's a wealth of guitars and bass guitars by Epiphone, Fender, Yamaha and Ibanez, which can be amped up by a choice of Vox, Music Man and Peavey amplifiers. Keyboards and synths include an EMU Proteus 2000, Hammond Tonewheel Organ and Roland JV-1080, and there are two drum kits: a Gretsch Renown Limited Edition setup in the main live room; and a Mapex Mars Fusion kit setup in the overdub booth, which is great for creating a more 'dead' drum sound. There is then the good choice of microphones, including AKG, Electro-voice, Rode and Sennheiser models.

Located off the control room is the aforementioned vocal/drum booth, treated for a more 'dead sound and great for intimate vocal recordings, and a small echo chamber giving more recording options to engineers and producers. A lounge/kitchenette and a south-facing garden completes the Summerfield facility, both offering bands a relaxing place to chill out in away from the working session.

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