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There are many places worth visiting while in Chile - the Atacama Desert, Patagonia, Antarctica, Easter Island and more - however Miloco are happy to arrange a visit to Chile recording studio Estudio Del Sur!

Estudio Del Sur is the first Chile recording studio (and the first South America recording studio for that matter) in Miloco's recording studio directory.

We will soon be able to book a number of Chile recording studios.

Estudio Del Sur, 1 hour from Santiago, Chile

Recording Studio, Residential Studio, Mixing Studio
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Chile recording studio Estudio Del Sur is located in the heart of the country's Central Valley, just an hour away from downtown Santiago and 40 minutes from Santiago's international airport.

Designed and conceived to be a world-class residential studio, the Chile recording studio will help to enhance every studio session.

Estudio Del Sur offers a facility that can turn the process of recording and mixing music into an undeniably creative experience.

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