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Sundlaugin is one of the most famous Iceland Recording Studios. It was used by Sigur Ros as a rehearsal and recording space from 1999 to 2008.

Since then it has been open for all projects. This leading Reykjavik recording studio sits on the outskirts of Iceland's beautiful and vibrant capital, where the city meets the island's stunning natural landscapes. This is a recording location where artists can be truly inspired: volcanic terrains, geysers, glacial rivers, snow-covered woodland and the world famous Northern Lights are just a selection of the natural wonders to get the creative mind flowing.

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Sundlaugin recording studio consists of a large live room which is perfect for both ensembles and solo artists. There are four adjoining isolation booths and a spacious control room with stunning views.

The control room's spec is based around a Neve VO console and a fantastic choice of vintage and contemporary mic preamps. There are also plenty of compressors, reverbs and delay units. Pro Tools and Logic are both run at the studio and there is an extensive selection of plug-ins to choose from.

The live space was used as a rehearsal room for many years – an indication of how good it is for larger ensembles and bands who like to spread out. It is filled with backline; you'll find all sorts of beautiful keyboards, organs, guitars, amps and tuned percussion, amongst other toys. There is a large choice of both vintage microphones and standard models you'd expect to find. Also, due to the size of this great recording room, it has often been used as a venue for intimate live performances and can comfortably accommodate 120+ strong audiences. It is of course perfect for live recordings too.

In addition to the live space are four isolation booths – you'll never be short of recording options! One of the booths is dedicated to guitar recording, and houses a large choice of acoustic and electric guitars, and amplifiers including a Fender Twin Tube, Vox AC30 & AC15, Marshall, Ampeg and Sovtek models.

Also onsite is a large balcony and a barbecue area to use during the evenings. Here you can really enjoy the spectacular natural surroundings Iceland is famous for.

Recent clients at Sundlaugin studio include Amusement Parks on Fire, Damien Rice, Hudson Wayne, Jakobinarina, Retro Stefson, Sigur Ros and Spritualised to name a few.  Find out everything you need to know about the studio by clicking on the card below.

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