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In 2014 Miloco teamed up with Tommy McLaughlin to welcome his stunning residential, Attica Audio Recording, without doubt one of the very best new Ireland recording studios. Based in County Donegal, far up into the north Republic of Ireland, Attica has been dubbed "Ireland's most beautiful recording studio", and it's plain to see why.

Immersed in thousands of acres of misty, desolate and truly inspiring Irish countryside, Attica has been created in the last couple of years to provide bands with a completely new and unique Ireland recording studio experience. Tommy has devised a fantastic tracking facility comprising two great love spaces, a vast, light and open main recording area and a very large booth - both rooms with the same height ceilings creating abundant head room. With some floor-to-ceiling windows providing spectacular views of the rural Co. Donegal, bands will instantly know they are on to a creative winner at Attica.

Attica Audio Recording, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Recording Studio, Residential Studio, Mixing Studio
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Attica Audio Recording boasts a fantastic collection of microphones and backline equipment. Coles, Royer, Peluso, Earthworks, Neumann, AKG, Rode, Sennheiser, Shure, Beyerdynamic and Mojave are just some of the models that you'll find amongst a formidable selection of microphones. As far as instruments are concerned, a Hammond Organ, Hammond RT3 and Fender Rhodes join a beautiful white Yamaha C3 Grand Piano in an impressive choice of keyboards. Then there are all the guitar amps and speaker cabinets by Ampeg, Fender, Marshall, Orange and more. Away from Attica Audio Recording's immense tracking capacity, it is also a good mix studio. The control room features a rare Harrison 3232b 24 buss console and some powerful monitoring. Pro Tools HD Native runs Pro Tools 10 HD loaded with plenty of plug-ins, and there is a decent choice of outboard in the room too. Attica is of course not only a great standalone studio, but is also one of the best residential recording studios in Ireland. For an extra fee on top of the studio rate, clients can hire use of two nearby cottages offering calm and comfortable accommodation to add to the Attica recording experience.

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