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The London drum recording studios in the Miloco Studios directory offer a great range of options that resonate vibe and creativity and sound great for recording drums.

The Pool's equipment spec rivals the most famous London drum recording studios. Not many rooms can boast over 40 different microphones (Coles, Oktava, Lomo, Neumann Gefell, Earthworks, AKG, AEA, Royer and many more), 50 mic pres and four drum kits. Drums can be recorded in the large live room or in one of the smaller booths.

Livingston 1 is another famous London Recording Studio for recording drums. With a multitude of live rooms it is possible to get a complete range of drum sounds.

Read more about our London drum recording studios below.

Baltic Studios, Dalston, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

Battery Studio 2, Willesden, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

Dean Street Studios, Soho, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Voiceover Recording

Highwater, Deptford, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Writing Studio

Livingston Studio 2, Wood Green, London, England

Recording Studio, Writing Studio

Sleeper Sounds, Ladbroke Grove, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Writing Studio

Studio 13, West London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

Ten87, Tottenham, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Writing Studio

TYE London, London, England

Recording Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

Westpoint Studios, Acton, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio
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Battery Studio 2 (Willesden, Yamaha Stage Custom Drum Kit) is one of the last remaining classic London drum recording studios. As well as a large live room it also has two large isolation booths. Famous for recording albums by bands such as Def Leppard in the 80s and the Foals today. Killer drum sounds are just a finger tip away.

Livingston Studio 1 (Wood Green, Ludwig Hollywood Drum kit) is renowned for its varied recording rooms. The front room is fairly tight but the sound provides plenty of air around the kit, and the tiled rear room has a contrasting reflective sound which can be dampened with curtains. THis studio has recorded many famous drum kits over the years and comes iwth a house Ludwig Hollywood Kit. 

Livingston Studio 2 (Wood Green, 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Kit ) is a great writing room in its own right, but what makes it truly great is its capacity to record bands, and for a very affordable price. Th studio comes with three different recording rooms. The rooms vary in sound from bright to dead and it comes with a great early 70s Hayman kit.

Baltic Studios (Dalston, Camco Early 70s Drum Kit LA) has enough space for a large band to play together, and interchangeable acoustic panels for a variety of room sounds. A highlight of its instrument collection is a beautiful early 70s LA Camco drum kit.

The Pool (Bermondsey, Premier/Slingerland/Hayman/Yamaha) will end your search for ultimate London drum recording studios. As far as tracking rooms go it has pretty much everything: a vast live area that resonates vibe and creativity surrounding the control room packed full of vintage equipment and a seperate drum booth designed to offer a range of acoustics.

The Premises (Shoreditch, Gretsch Renown Limited Edition) is a vibey tracking studio in the heart of Shoreditch on Hackney Road. The warm and inviting studio has a large live room, with a drum room at the back with glass doors to allow for isolation if desired. The Gretsch Renown Limited Edition kit is joined by a healthy array of other percussion. 

Love Electric (Islington, Vintage Gretsch, Vintage Hayman, Vintage Yamaha Recording Custom), is a great-sized, very competitively-priced tracking studio on Hornsey Road. Featuring a live room large enough for full band tracking and a fantastic selection of kits, you can't go wrong recording drums here.

Sleeper Sounds (Ladbroke Grove, Leedy vintage natural wood /1966 Ludwig Vintage kit) is an immense writing and production studio based on the first floor of a building off Ladroke Grove. In the far left hand corner a drum kit is permanently set up in a screened off area. There is a classic Leedy kit as well as a 1966 Ludwig, complemented by a fantastic choice of snare drums.

Westpoint Studios (Acton, Gretsch 130th Anniversary USA Custom) has an impressive 28ft live room and is stacked with drums kits. With its natural finish wooden floors and high ceilings, Westpoint's live room provides the perfect ambient recording space for drums.

These studios are just a few of the Miloco Studios that are great for recording drums and providing great drum sounds. 

If you have any questions about any of these studios or would like to make a booking enquiry please call our bookings team on +44 (0) 207 232 0008, or email

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