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The London piano recording studios in the Miloco Studios directory range from epic tracking rooms with expansive floorspace to varied recording rooms that have been recently restored.

Arguably the centrepiece of Battery Studio 2 (Willesden) is a stunning Grotrian-Steinweg concert grand piano (221 cm in length) which resided at Abbey Road for many years, and which has opened up the studio's mass appeal to classical and jazz musicians.

One of the key strengths to Livingston Studio 1 (Wood Green) is its abundance of space. There are five different recording rooms, all offering a different range of acoustics. We have just installed a completely refurbished 1955 New York Steinway B Grand Piano. The piano sounds wonderful and has had a new soundboard, new keys and strings. In fact most of the inside of the Piano has been renewed with Steinway approved parts. There is also a Feurich 122 - "Universal" upright piano residing at this studio.

The Pool (Bermondsey) equipment spec has a Yamaha G2 baby grand piano (177 cm in length). The facility ranks alongside the very best London piano recording studios, with nearly 2,000 sq ft of creative space, towering ceilings, natural light, modern interior design and a spec fit for a studio king.

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Baltic Studios, Dalston, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

Battery Studio 2, Willesden, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

Dean Street Studios, Soho, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Voiceover Recording

Dock Street Studio, East London

Recording Studio, Writing Studio

Greystoke Studio, West London

Programming Room, Writing Studio

Highwater, Deptford, London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Writing Studio

Livingston Studio 2, Wood Green, London, England

Recording Studio, Writing Studio

The Shelter, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

Sleeper Sounds, Ladbroke Grove, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Writing Studio

Studio 13, West London

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

TYE London, London, England

Recording Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio

Westpoint Studios, Acton, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio
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Battery Studio 2 (Willesden) can accommodate everyone from bands to jazz ensembles and even small orchestras, and with the addition of a Grotrian-Steinweg concert grand piano (221 cm in length) in 2011 it can now fully cater for all piano sessions.

The Bridge (Bermondsey) has a beautiful Boston Steinway upright piano, and The Bridge provides a spacious and relaxed atmosphere perfect for the beginnings of any project. 

Livingston Studio 1 (Wood Green) currently houses a 1955 Steinway B Grand Piano. In addition to the Grand there is also Feurich 122 - "Universal" upright piano. One of the renowned London piano recording studios, Livingston Studio 1 has varied recording rooms including numerous live spaces that have all been recently restored.

Livingston Studio 2 (Wood Green) covers approximately 130 sq m that is divided between six spaces: a control room, three live rooms, an overdub booth and private rec room. The first recording space is accessed from the machine room. It is the most live of the three and houses a Yamaha C5 grand piano.

Baltic Studios (Dalston) has enough space for a large band to play together, and interchangeable acoustic panels for a variety of room sounds. The highlight of the live room's instrument collection is an impeccably reconditioned Yamaha U1 upright piano.

The Pool (Bermondsey) backline consists of a Yamaha G2 baby grand piano (177 cm in length), which can be recorded by a total of 40 different microphones. As far as tracking rooms go it has pretty much everything: a vast live area that resonates vibe and creativity.

The Premises (Shoreditch) has a lovely tracking room complete with Yamaha C3 Baby Grand Piano that sits in the corner closest to the control room, and an array of keyboards. This is in addition to an expansive list of mics and instruments housed in the gorgeous wood-floored studio on Hackney Road. 

Sleeper Sounds (Ladbroke Grove) is a treasure trove of instruments and recording equipment with a 1922 Steinway Model D-274 concert grand piano (New York factory, full internal rebuild, 247 cm in length) that lives in the far right corner of the studio, gloriously lit by floor-to-ceiling windows which fill the entire length of the room.

Westpoint Studios (Acton) has a Feurich 122 - "Universal" upright piano and boasts a 28ft live room. With its natural finish wooden floors and high ceilings, Westpoint Studios' live room provides one of the perfect London piano recording studios.

Love Electric (Islington) has a beautiful Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand in its ample live room - pound for pound one of the best pianos you'll find in London at this price bracket.

Greystoke Studios (Hangar Lane) has a Steinway Model 'O' Baby Grand Piano in terrific condition. - This studio is a perfect London piano recording studio.

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