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Fridão Natura Recording is one of the top recording studios in Portugal, located in an idyllic countryside setting near the town of Amarante, about 50km east of Porto. Perched on a small mountain surrounded by vineyards and the best of Portugal's breathtaking views, it provides a tranquil and inspiring environment for artists to write and record their projects.

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Awash in natural daylight, with a warm and inviting interior it is one of the most ideal recording studios in Portugal, providing a comfortable space to take a break throughout the day.

The ground floor of the studio is almost wholly dedicated to a large and comfortable control room with large glass doors that open to Fridão's beautiful views. Upstairs is a combined living space, with sofas, TV and fireplace, and a large live room. Fridão Natura provides a great selection of backline including amps, keyboards, guitars plus an array of percussion. It is here that some of Portugal's leading acts, such as Jimmy P, OliveTreeDance and Gileno Santana choose to record.

Given the remote and private location in the Portuguese countryside, Fridão also offers a large exterior area where bands can record in the silence of the countryside. This provides clients with the opportunity to find the perfect recording conditions both inside and out.

There is a cottage available a short distance away which can be rented for a reasonable price, allowing artists to unwind away from the studio at the end of the day. For Portugal's warmer months if clients rent the nearby accommodation there is also a lovely swimming pool that affords a beautiful view of the vineyards and surrounding countryside.

Fridão Natura Recording provides a range of services, such as recording, mixing and live video sessions however it is best suited as a great writing and recording studio in a wonderful location making it our top pick for recording studios in Portugal. 

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