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Bauer Studios is located in Ludwigcburg, just outside of Stuttgart in southern Germany. It has a long and rich music tradition as it is the oldest privately owned and run studio in Germany. Dating back to 1949, Bauer Studios have been providing the best in music recording services for over half a century.  

Bauer Studios, Stuttgart, Germany

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio, Voiceover Recording
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Able to record projects of any size and genre, Bauer specialises in large-scale jazz and orchestral recordings Bauer is a full service studio, offering mixing and mastering as well as bespoke on-site mobile recording.

Don't let the studio's age fool you, it is stocked with the latest hi-tech equipment including an AMS Neve console, which can be used in conjunction with top quality vintage and analogue equipment for any desired sound. 

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