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Under a new partnership between Robbie Dunne and Miloco Recording Studios, the Lake Malvik northern Sweden getaway is located close to the idyllic village of Runemo, two hours north of Stockholm. In this stunning Nordic location, you can indulge in one of the most peaceful and inspiring residential recording studios Sweden has to offer.

SpinRoad Recording Studios is located in Lindome, just outside Gothenburg. The studio is housed in a beautiful building from the early 1900s and is tastefully furnished in a manner that preserves the building's historic value and atmosphere. The studio consists of a control room, live room and lounge and kitchen measuring a total of 260 square metres, 120 of which are dedicated to the live room.

Lake Malvik, Runemo, North Sweden

Residential Studio, Writing Studio

Spinroad Recording Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden

Residential Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio
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Nestled in a landscape littered with pine forests and fishing lakes, Lake Malvik offers a high-spec studio option for writers, producers and bands looking to get far away from the city for a more rustic experience. The recording studio features a large day-lit control room, a live area and a variety of unusual recording spaces dotted around the house, which offer a number of different acoustics.

There is a great choice of equipment at the recording studio, both backline and outboard. It includes a number of Mic Pre's/EQs/Dynamics by the likes of Neve, Focusrite and Drawmer; guitars and bass guitars by Fender, Ibanez and more; a fantastic choice of microphones; a number of synths and keyboards; and a brilliant choice of guitar amplifiers. Robbie has installed a Focusrite/Audient Control 2802 Analog mixer/control surface. An Apple Mac Pro 8-core runs Logic and Pro Tools loaded with stacks of plug-ins.

Not only is the studio at Lake Malvik perfectly setup for bands to get working on their next masterpieces, but the accommodation facilities at this Swedish residential recording studio are also bound to add to the inspiration you can draw from it. The house was built in 1912, but has recently been lovingly restored. There are three guest bedrooms for the sole use of clients, featuring original fireplaces, kingsize and antique Italian beds. One of the bedrooms has an en suite bathroom, and there is a kitchen for self-catering.

Away from the house and studio, clients will enjoy the superb rural surroundings of fishing lakes, forests and countryside villages. There is a selection of live music pubs, swedish restaurants and supermarkets, as well as other activities such as ice hockey, horse riding, magnificent country walks and local indoor swimming.

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At SpinRoad Recording Studios you can create both small and large world-class productions, ranging from hard rock and metal to choral and orchestral music. Here you can get help in all phases of your production, from song arrangement to recording, producing and mixing. Whether you want to record a whole album or mix a single, SpinRoad offers the space, equipment and knowledge required for professional results.

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