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Drum Recording at The Pool

The Pool is a great London recording studio for drum recording. It has two live rooms that each have their own different drum sound. The main live room is large and spacious with a warehouse feel where the drum sound is surprisingly well controlled. However with the addition of room mics you can hear the full ambience of the room (we often mount mics in the beams to capture more of the room). The main room sound can also be closed off by screening the kit completely and there is a movable ceiling panel which could be used as a lid if to achieve a much deader sound.

We also have a small booth which can be used for drum recording. The acoustics of this room can be changed drastically with the use of wall mount absorbers. Take them all of and you have a really reflective booth with an abrasive sound put all the absorbers on and you have a nice controlled dead booth. You can then change these acoustics by changing the amount of panels.

The studio comes with four house kits (subject to a small daily charge). A 1970s Slingerland Kit which comes with a Radio King snare and five toms, a Yamaha Hybrid kit (hybrid because it is made up of Yamaha drums from different kits), a vintage 1963 Premier Kit which is great for a 60s vintage drum sound and a Hayman Vibrasonic Dallas Arbiter drum kit which has smaller drum sizes making it perfect for the jazzier drum sounds. With these four kits which include 7 snare drums there is plenty of variety to choose from and all drum sounds should be covered.

You can hear how the Yamaha, Slingerland and Premier sound as we have sampled these kits up and produced sample packs through our partners at Drumdrops. You can purchase the drum packs in a variety of different formats as the packs are made to cover different samplers on the market. Find out more about the sample packs, listen to the sound of the kits (sampled in this studio), and learn more about the kits. The Hayman kit will be coming soon too.

To listen to the Premier Kit head over here. To listen to the Slingerland Kit head over here and to listen to the Yamaha Hybrid kit head over here. You can download the 'single hits pack' for free for the moment. You just need to sign up for an account and Drumdrops will add this pack to your account. Can't say better than that.