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The Pool Recording Studio, London

Miloco's The Pool will end your search for the ultimate London recording studio. As far as tracking rooms go
it has pretty much everything: a vast live area that resonates vibe and creativity, a control room packed full of
vintage equipment and a drum booth designed to offer a range of acoustics. Add to this the hue multi-coloured lighting and you can create your own personal vibe instantly.

The live room has been setup so that the minute you walk in you can get recording or writing. There is a kit permanently assembled and mic'd up (or you can use one of the other four kits on site or bring your own). As well as a keyboard line-up comprising a Hammond, Upright piano, Wurlitzer and Rhodes we have a new 'synth world', home to a whole host of synths including a Roland Juno-6 and a Korg MS20. Additionally we have a permanently setup vocal booth in the space also. All the guitar amps and pedals can instantly be grabbed and plugged into so that when you turn up, you can get going straight away, making the Pool the ultimate writing room / ideas space. 

The vintage gear has been amassed by producer Ben Hillier and music entrepreneur Johan Ekelund (co-founder of Kobalt Music Publishing). The Pool's equipment spec rivals the most famous tracking studios in the UK. Not many rooms can boast over 40 different microphones (Coles, Oktava, Lomo, Neumann Gefell, Earthworks, AKG, AEA, Royer and many more), 50 mic pre's and four drum kits. There are countless analogue synths, guitars, bass guitars and pedals available to be used. If you need keyboards then we have a Yamaha Baby Grand piano, a Fender Rhodes and many more. On top of this there are other interesting pieces of backline such as Timpani and a vibraphone.

The Pool's control room spec is equally as impressive. At the heart of the room is a Neve 5315 24-channel console with monitoring provided by brand new Augspurger Treo 812 CFM Close Field Main Monitors, Adam S3As and NS10's. Recording is to a Pro Tools HDX rig which has a good selection of plug-ins. However it is the outboard which makes all the difference, and most engineers like to record straight through the mic pre's and compressors into Tools, using either the Neve console or Grace m905 digital outputs for monitoring. As well as the 24 Neve 33115 mic pres in the console there are 8 channels available in the Neve 542 sidecar and lots of others including API, Chandler, Lomo and Curtis. There are over 20 compressors including Lisson Grove, Summit Audio, Urei, Tube-Tech, Chandler, Empirical Labs and ADL.

The Pool is a hugely versatile recording studio. Bands love the backline, engineers and producers love the recording gear and everyone loves the vibe. While obviously being a top class tracking space it is also a great facility to film in, we welcome all projects! Recent clients include Tom Odell, Mumford & Sons, Florence & The Machine, The Invisible, Noel Gallagher and many more.

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