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The USA is a major source of recording studios. Jazz, blues, rock and rap is central in the makings of the country's music. Miloco has spread its wings across the Atlantic and has started representing some great USA recording studios in busy New York, home to some of the best recordings in rock history Los Angeles, a first-class residential getaway in Vermont and the world's Music City Nashville.

More USA recording studios will be arriving in the coming months, so keep checking back. We have some amazing studios in the pipeline, and are proud to be extending our directory Stateside. If you don't currently see the right studio for your project, get in touch as we may still be able to find you the right one.

Bear Creek Studio, Woodinville, United States

Residential Studio

Blackbird Studio, Nashville, USA

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, 5.1 Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

The Bunker Studio, Williamsburg, NY, USA

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Neve Studio, Writing Studio

Clear Lake Recording Studios, Burbank, LA, USA

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Programming Room

Dark Horse Recording, United States

Recording Studio, Residential Studio, Writing Studio

Dubway Studios, New York, USA

Recording Studio, Audio Post Production

EastWest Studios, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Neve Studio

Fever Recording, Los Angeles, United States

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio, Voiceover Recording

Mad Muse Studios, Los Angeles, United States

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Writing Studio

Make Believe Studios, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio

Malaco Studios, Jackson, Mississippi

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio

NRG Recording Studios, North Hollywood, L.A.

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Neve Studio

Orbit Audio, Seattle, USA

Recording Studio, SSL Studio

Principle Pleasure, Los Angeles, USA

Programming Room, Writing Studio

Treehaus Recording, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio
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The Bunker Studio is owned and run by producer and musician John Davis and producer and engineer Aaron Nevezie. The New York recording studio boasts an excellent set of microphones and instruments, Pro Tools 10 systems, a Studer A80 tape recorder, vintage outboard and an SSL 4040 E/G console.

Blackbird Studio needs little introduction! This gigantic studio complex in Nashville comprises no less than 9 studios, ranging from overdub/writing rooms to a gigantic tracking space with the world's largest API Legacy recording console. We have four of the studios on the books, and they truly must be seen to be believed.

Renowned acoustician George Augsperger designed Studio A at Clear Lake Recording Studios to supply an exceptionally well-tuned control room, a sizeable live room and three isolation booths. Along with an acoustically beautiful space, the California recording studio maintains an impressive collection of vintage equipment and the latest in digital technology.

Being able to boast as being the highest studio in NYC is Dubway Studios. Housed in a high rise in the financial district, Dubway has specialised in music production, audio post and remote recording for over 30 years. 

We're pleased to be representing the amazing EastWest Studios, located in the heart of Hollywood. This recording complex is one of the best in the world.

Over in North Hollywood lies Fever Recording, a stunning LA recording and mixing studio with an incredible live room and a console based around an SSL G Series and eclectic collection of outboard.

The wow-factor of New York's Grand Street Recording is readily apparent in the incredible selection of instruments, which make this an amazing studio choice for musicians.

It's almost impossible not to be blown away by Vermont's Guilford Sound residential recording studio. The energy-efficient studio has a gorgeous tracking room overlooking the surrounding woods, a comprehensive control room and spec, and two accommodation options on site.

One of NYC's highest-rated facilities, Jungle City Studios, is a studio favourite for the likes of Beyoncé & Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West. Take one look at their recording rooms and gear, and you can understand why! 

Also down south is Malaco Studios in Jackson Mississippi. With a long-standing tradition of working with the biggest and best names in blues, soul and gospel music for over 50 years Malaco remains at the forefront of Mississippi music and production. 

Ocean Way Nashville's three studios are housed in a 100-year-old Gothic revival greystone church, which provides exceptional spaces tuned specifically for music recording.

East LA is home to nautical-themed studio The Ship. Equipped with all the digital and analogue gear and equipment an artist could need, the studio boasts a large control room, live room and two iso booths. 

Skeleton Studios is right amongst the glitz and glam of North Hollywood. It offers a vast array of vintage equipment, as well as the high-end digital spec you'd expect of a world-class studio. It is home to two large live and control rooms, and a multi award-winning team of producers, engineers and assistants. 

Sound Kitchen is a huge studio complex in Nashville, Tennessee. The vast Big Boy studio is easily capable of recording orchestras, while Studio E is more suited to classic band tracking with its 5 recording spaces and 64-channel SSL console. 

The SSL Room is the focal point of Studio Trilogy, an outstanding recording studio in San Francisco, and features an 80-channel SSL XL 9000K console. The room is 5.1 capable and its centre of attention is analogue processing, with a variety of new and vintage analogue gear.

In the hills outside LA sits TreeHaus Recording, a beautiful recording retreat tucked in the hillside above Woodland Hills, CA. The studio is centred around an SSL AWS console and is the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, and record in a relaxed environment with stunning views over the hills.

Valley Recording Company is a full-service Los Angeles recording studio located in Burbank. The facility houses two large tracking rooms and two control rooms with various other nooks for amps and such.

Welcome to 1979 contains completely reconditioned analogue tape recorders, outboard gear and microphones. Accompanied by loads more vintage equipment, the USA recording studio also includes more than 7,000 square feet of exceptional analogue and digital recording and recreational areas.

St.Felix is a beautiful little writing and programming studio in the heart of Brooklyn. It is the perfect creative space with expertly tuned acoustics, a great range of toys and a powerful HDX rig, ready for Brooklyn-based writing marathons.

In Flight is a superbly specc-ed mixing and writing recording studio centred around a 64-channel SSL 8kG+ console. It's packed with gear and has an impressive mic collection to compliment the mixing setup.

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