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Miloco represents one recording studio in Wales, Maltbarn Studios. It is a residential studio and offers seclusion and the perfect place to hideaway and record your next record.

Maltbarn Studios is a fantastic writing studio. Clients can either rent the studio and the accommodation in the house or just rent the adjacent cottage and gear will be provided by the studio. The studio is an all in one control room and recording room, based around a neve console and stacks of great instruments and backline. This is definitely a great creative studio to write your next record in.

If clients are on a bit of a budget they can choose to just rent the adjacent two bedroom cottage and Maltbarn will provide enough equipment to setup an on the spot writing studio. Finally, for larger setups, clients can book the house and the cottage together. 

Maltbarn looks down on a beautiful valley and is surrounded by hills. For those artists who love seclusion in a cosy setting this is definitely the place to be.


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