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Miloco's line-up of West London recording studios include some of the very best in the capital, and are the creative homes of some of the UK's leading record producers and mix engineers. We have partnered with the likes of Flood, Alan Moulder, Craig Silvey and Hugh Padgham to create a choice of brilliant rooms in close proximity to West London's music industry core; the part of town in which the major labels and many great indies and management companies are often found turning the vital cogs of the UK's music business machine.

We currently have five West London recording studios, mix rooms and writing spaces specialising in different areas and which vary in terms of the equipment specs they provide and the rates they go out at. Scroll down to find out more on each.

Assault & Battery 1, Willesden, London, England

Mixing Studio, SSL Studio

Assault & Battery 2, Willesden, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Neve Studio

Dean Street Studios, W1D 6AN

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Voiceover Recording

Greystoke Studio, West London

Programming Room, Writing Studio

Sleeper Sounds, Ladbroke Grove, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, Writing Studio

Studio Mute, Hammersmith, West London

Programming Room, Writing Studio

Westpoint Studios, Acton, London, England

Recording Studio, Mixing Studio, SSL Studio, Programming Room, Writing Studio
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Assault & Battery 1

Assault & Battery 1 is the mixing studio in which legendary producers/engineers Alan Moulder and Flood have perfected so much of their work over the years. Based in Willesden Green at the famous Battery complex, Assault & Battery 1 is where big albums by the likes of The Killers, Bloc Party, White Lies, Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Death Cab For Cutie, Chairlift, Wolfmother and 30 Seconds To Mars have been mixed. Based around an SSL SL4072 G Series console and an unbelievable collection of outboard equipment, this is one of the very best mix rooms in town. Find out more on Assault & Battery 1 mixing studio here.


Assault & Battery 2

Also located in the legendary Battery Studios complex in London's Willesden Green, Flood and Alan Moulder's Assault & Battery 2 ranks alongside the highest spec'd and most inspirational tracking spaces in the business. The sheer amount and quality of equipment in this studio has to be seen to be believed, with highlights including the Neve VR console, Grotrian Steinweg Grand Piano, Roland System 700 Modular Systems and immense choices of guitars, bass guitars, keyboards & synths, amplifiers, pedals and microphones. The likes of U2, Foals, White Lies, Editors, Glasvegas, Warpaint, Friendly Fires, Goldfrapp, Ian Brown, Grinderman and many more have recorded albums here in recent years. Find out more here.


The Bunker at 13

The Bunker at 13 is legendary producer Stephen Street's studio based in a studio complex in West London, W10. Originally built in Miloco's Bermondsey HQ, Stephen moved to the West London complex in 2017, and relocated the entire state-of-the-art programming and writing room. Read more here.

Greystoke Studio

Greystoke Studio is a high-spec recording/mixing studio based in Hangar Lane, west London, just 30 minutes from Oxford Circus. The studio is acoustically designed to capture the best sound in the booth, live room and mixing room, perfect for writing and recording both bands and solo artists. Read more about Greystoke Studio



Opened in 2013, Toast is the home of leading producer and mix engineer Craig Silvey. This stunning vintage Neve mixing studio is based in Ladbroke Grove, and is the reincarnation of two studios Craig has previously been based in; Toast Mk1 in San Francico, and The Garden Studios in Shoreditch, London. The centrepiece of this great mix room and writing studio is the extremely rare vintage Neve 8026 console featuring a selection of the very best Neve modules. The custom Boxer T2 monitors are another highlight on a spec that has been finely tuned to provide both rare and essential vintage gear. Craig has worked here with Goldfrapp, Editors, The Horrors and The National, to name a few. Find out everything you need to know about Toast here.



Arcadium is a luxury writing/production studio in Notting Hill, one of West London's most vibrant and colourful areas. The focus here is creating a balance of top-end equipment with and creative and classy atmosphere, and that is exactly what is achieved. Split between a good size control room, a writing/live area and a chill-out lounge, clients are really made to feel at home in this secluded creative den. The equipment spec features the celebrated Audient ASP 8024 console, good selections of Mic Pres, EQs and Dynamics and a brilliant choice of microphones and backline gear. Read more about Arcadium here.

Sofa Sound

On the leafy borders of Chiswick and Acton is legendary producer Hugh Padgham's stunning SSL mixing studio and tracking room, Sofa Sound, which Miloco has operated since 2007. Its beautifully-lit and spacious control room is based around an SSL G + console and stacks of great outboard, the biggest highlights of which are perhaps Hugh's rare Neve EQ's. Being the well-renowned creator of the 'Gated' drum sound having produced and engineered Phil Collins' 'In The Air Tonight', it would of course make perfect sense for Hugh Padgham to have a fantastic drum room, and that's what he has at Sofa Sound; the live room may be of a moderate size but the sounds it can produce - especially when recording drums - are anything but. Click here to read all about Sofa Sound.


Studio Mute

Studio Mute opened its doors in early 2015 after being built by the team at Miloco Builds. Located in west London, it is perfectly situated for all of your songwriting/production/mixing needs. Read more about Studio Mute.

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