Introducing The Drum Shed – session drummer Tim Weller’s remote recording service… For All Your Rhythmic Needs!

the drum shed drum studio london

Today it is our pleasure to introduce on The Market Place, The Drum Shed, Tim Weller’s remote drum track service. The concept is for Tim to provide clients with an easy, quick and cost-effective method of getting great drum tracks recorded specifically for their projects, using the vast range of new and vintage drums that the Drum Shed has available.

Today, many recording artists and producers find is relatively easy to record many acoustic instruments in small scale or home studios. However drums often pose a problem, both because of their noise and complexity… and yet they can add so much life and depth to a track. The Drum Shed aims to bridge the gap between a project and a large scale studio by making recording live drums an easy and affordable option.

Find out more information on The Drum Shed including its full equipment spec, Tim’s recent clients and discography, plus a whole lot more by clicking this link: The Drum Shed.

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