New gear arrival at 123 Studios

Peckham’s finest recording studio, 123 Studios, has just had a huge update to its equipment list. First and foremost, the control room is now centred around an incredible cut down 24-channel SSL 6k E-Series console. The 6000 E consoles are a real rarity, with three mix busses and the classic E-Series sound that changed mixing forever.

The monitoring has also had a major upgrade, with a pair of ATC SCM50 monitors. ATC have long been at the forefront of studio monitor technology and these three-way monitors with soft-dome mid drivers sound absolutely incredible.

Furthermore, the outboard at 123 has been bolstered with Chandler TG1, Curvebender and Little Devil EQ units, a Urei 1176, 1178 and LA2, API 550 and 560 EQs and 2500 compressor, and a Harrison EQ. And that’s not it, there’s a new Flea 47 and Bock Ifet microphones and a Zod bass DI.

Last but not least, there’s a new Lavry Gold convertor to ensure all this superb new analogue gear is converted at the highest possible quality! Explore the studios full equipment list here.

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