Broken Dolls

Two Neils, a Jay and a Mick also claim to be christened Micky Wonder (keys), Jay Doll (guitar), Vas Style (bass) and John “Freddy” Flintoff (drums), but either way they are most assuredly Broken Dolls. Signed to Southern Fried they’re a unique brand of “PIL’ed up Song 13-era Blur with a nod to the electronic excursions of Radiohead”. They’re also “ever-influenced by the psychedelic blues of Zeppelin and the urgent rock and roll of The Sex Pistols” alongside the likes of UNKLE, Detroit and Tangerine Dream.

They were in The Garden in Autumn 2005 tracking and mixing album tracks with Jagz Kooner of Primal Scream fame.

Broken Dolls Releases

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