The Chemical Brothers

The Chemical Brothers united such varying influences as Public Enemy, Cabaret Voltaire, and My Bloody Valentine to create a dance-rock-rap fusion which rivalled the best old-school DJs on their own terms — keeping a crowd of people on the floor by working through any number of groove-oriented styles featuring unmissable samples. And when the duo (Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons) decided to supplement their DJ careers by turning their bedrooms into recording studios, they pioneered a style of music (later termed big beat) remarkable for its lack of energy loss from the dancefloor to the radio. Their albums are less collections of songs and more hour long journeys.

The Chemical Brothers have mixed nearly all their album material at Miloco Studios. In fact we’ve been a home away from home. They like us so much they used to have a programming room here, which was a handy walk across the hall from The Engine Room – their first choice mixing studio.

The Chemical Brothers Releases

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