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Lucas Secon – the artist, producer, songwriter, even poet – has spearheaded a succesful solo career since his 1994 album ‘Lucacentric’, which included the grammy-nominated single ‘Lucas With The Lid Off’. However not only has he had success as a solo artist, but has also played a significant part in over 20 million record sales around the world. He has worked with countless superstars, but perhaps the most impressive was his instrumental part in the launching of Notorious B.I.G.’s rapping career – Lucas was the man responsible for pointing Biggy in the direction of P Diddy.

Secon was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and played association football for FC Copenhagen’s youth team from age 6 to 16. He then played for Frem in Copenhagen but music ended up taking over. Secon spent his childhood between New York and Copenhagen, but also had periods living in Venice, Italy and London, England before settling in New York after graduating. He attended New York University where he majored in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Music Business.

Secon won Spin Magazine’s Golden Poets Award for his poem “The Ice Age” (out of 150,000 entrants), which became a song on To Rap My World Around You. His father Paul Secon co-wrote a song with Lucas called “Red, White and Blues”.

Lucas Secon was then signed to Uptown Records by Andre Harrell on which he released his debut album To Rap My World Around You.
In 1993 he signed with Atlantic Records and released his 1994 album, Lucacentric which made the Top 40 in over 10 countries around the world. Lucacentric included the hit single “Lucas With The Lid Off”, which peaked at #29 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. The music video for his the single, directed by Michel Gondry, received a Grammy nomination 37th Annual Grammy Awards and a MTV Video Music Award nomination for Best Male Video in 1995. The video features a distinctive and memorable style, being shot in one take among a variety of different sets. The video for ‘Lucas With The Lid Off’ was voted #4 in an MTV list of the Best Videos of All-Time.

Secon has also had a significant DJ career. He started DJing as a 15 year old in Copenhagen and entered he Danish DMC World DJ Championships contest.

Creativity runs in Lucas’s family. His father, Paul Secon, is perhaps best known as the co-founder of Pottery Barn along with his brother Morris Secon. Paul also worked as a songwriter for Nat King Cole, The Ink Spots, and The Mills Brothers plus many more. His mother, Danish artist Berta Moltke, was the head of the Danish Academy of Arts for several years and has exhibited around the world for the last 35 years.

Following the release of Lucacentric, Secon’s focus switched to production and songwriting. He has been working in various Miloco Studios with engineer Pete Hoffman since April 2006.


1990: To Rap My World Around You
1994: Lucacentric

1991: “Show Me Your Moves”
1994: “Wau Wau Wau”
1994: “Lucas with the Lid Off”
2001: “My Feet Hurt” (featuring Blue)
2001: “My Feet Work”

Production Discography
Cee-Lo Green
Aston Merrygold
Girls Generation – “Korean” album
Boyz 2 Men
Alexa Goddard
Cody Simpson – “No Ceiling”
Little Nikki
Elyar Fox
Inna – “Take It Off” and “Tonight”
Olly Murs – “Cry Your Heart Out’
Christina Aguilera – “Red Hot Kinda Love”
Conor Maynard – “Another One”
Blue – “Risk It All” and “Black Box”
Tanya Lacey
Pleasure P – “Face Drop”
Bluey Robinson – “Coming Back”
Big Time Rush – “Show Me”
The Saturdays – “The Way You Watch Me” feat Travis McCoy
Gym Class Heroes
Keke Palmer
Alexandra Burke
Aqua – “Like a Robot”
Mohombi – “In Your Head”
Steve Aoki feat Rivers Cuomo of Weezer – “Earthquakey People”
Metro Station – “D.T.”
Miranda Cosgrove – “Face of Love”
J Pearl – “Must Be A Reason”
September – “Party in My head” and “Resuscitate Me”
Double – “Lips”
Cee Lo Green – “It’s OK”
Cody Simpson
Big Time Rush feat Snoop Dogg and New Boyz – “Boyfriend (Big Time Rush song)”
JLS – “Don’t Talk About Love”
Tohoshinki – “Jumon(Mirotic)”
Girls Generation – “Echo” and “Lazy Girl” from “The Boys”.
The Wanted – “Heart Vacancy”
Kylie Minogue – “Get Outta My Way”
Shayne Ward – “Someone Like You” and “Must Be A Reason Why”
Sofi Bonde – “L.R.”
Stan Walker – “Black Box”
The Cab – “L.L.”
Pixie Lott – “Gravity”
Travis McCoy – “Need You”
Fighting With Wire – “N.B.”
Sean Paul – “Lookin At Me” with Toni Braxton
Toni Braxton – “Make My Heart”, “Lookin At Me”,”Yesterday”(dancehall radio remix)
Jordin Sparks – “Walking On Snow” and “It Takes More”
Sean Kingston – “Face Drop”
The Pussycat Dolls – “I Hate This Part”
Sarah Connor – “Under My Skin”
Madcon – “Share My Sky”
Jordyn Taylor – “F.I.”
Paradiso Girls – “Echo”
Martin Hedegaard – “Show The World”
Luigi Masi – “Armed With Love”
SHINee – “Love Like Oxygen”
Hayden Panettiere – “Top Up”
Tohoshinki – “Jumon: Mirotic”
Cozi Costi – “Stamina”
Paula Deanda – “Take Off The Brakes”
Sugababes – “Virgin Sexy”, “Million Miles”, “On The Run”, “Future Shokk”, “Betcha”
Aaron Carter – “Not Too Young, Not Too Old”, “Come Follow Me”, “Leave it up to me”, “Another Earthquake”, “America Ayo”.
Liberty X – “Ill Be Remembering”, “Whatcha Doin Tonight”, “Shotgun”, “In My Bed”.
Keisha White feat Cassidy – “Don’t Care who Knows”, “Weakness in me”
RB – “Mama”
Lene – “It’s Your Duty”
Sly and Robbie – “Shoulder To Cry On”
Mos Def – “Miss Fat Booty pt 2.”
Boom – “Fallin'”
Tweet “Smokin Cigarettes”
Mark Morrison – “Blackstabbers”, “Horny”
Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Take Me Home”
Fu-El – “Please, Please”
Safri Duo – “Agogo Mosse”
Chubb Rock – “Bring em’ Home Safely”
Tyler James – “Why Do I Do”
Billie Piper – “Misfocusing”, “Walk of Life”
Lucas – “Lucas With The Lid Off”, “Show me Your Moves”
Omero Mumba – “Lil Big Man”
Phoebe One – “Get On It”
Abs Breen – “Wanna Get With You”
Blazin squad – “Twisted Up”
Yasmin – “Wanna Dance”
Lewis Taylor – “Bittersweet” remix
Emmy Rossum
Sprinkler – “Leave em’ Somethin’ to Desire”
Shara Nelson – “Friendly Fire”
Blak Twang – “Dettwork South East”, “Entrepreneurs”

Lucas Secon Releases

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