Tom Farrer

Here is a glimpse into the world of Tom Farrer, who visiited Miloco in 2006.

Name of artist/band:

Tom Farrer

Name of band members (and instrument of choice):

Tom Farrer
Jacko Hatton
Davey Hatton

Where are you from (town/country)?


Quick band history – when formed, previous bands you were in, etc, etc.

We met playing in carnivals, squat parties & raves…

What label are you signed to? (And how did it come about?)


What project are you doing here at Miloco (e.g. recording, mixing or remixing/single tracks or album) and when’s it due to be released?

Recording a demo.

How would you describe the material you’re working on?

They’re just songs written with a band in mind and trying to wrap old rock n roll, folk and indie influences around them.

Who’s producing (and why did you choose them/what’s good about them)?

Finn [Eiles] – lovely bloke.

Which Miloco studio/s are you using?

Hoxton Square

Which Miloco engineer/producer/assistant are you using and how have you found them?

Finn & Mark – good vibes all round

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’ve been writing songs for a year now. Figured it’s the only thing I want to do at this moment in time. I started playing on my own playing folk blues songs around my area, some on my own, some with others. Went out to Hamburg in the cold winter and played out there for a bit. Travelled around to places like Nottingham, York, Wales and Brighton visiting friends at their universities in which i usually scraped a gig somewhere along the line. Played some small festivals, ‘sunset’ and ‘ickestock’ and have recently started using a band to bulk out the new songs.

Plans for the future?

I’m gonna carry on playing with the band, maybe do the odd acoustic set at the ‘The Cricketers’ in Kingston or ‘The Prince of Wales’ in Wimbledon. I’ve got gigs lined up at the ‘Half Moon’ in Putney, ‘The Troubadour’ in Earls Court and the ‘Bedford Pub’ in Balham.

What other bands influence you/who should we be keeping an eye out for?

Mac the Black, Nick Marks and 1965, James Mac, Will Varley, Dan Bailey. These are all people I’ve met through playing around London and have written some of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

What were your favourite albums…when you were 5-10 years old?

Beatles For Sale – The Beatles


Talking Book – Stevie Wonder

and 17-25?

Songs Of Leonard Cohen – Leonard Cohen

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