Dark Room Notes

Dark room Notes recorded an album at Miloco’s The Square recording studio in Hoxton in the summer of 2008. Here is an interview they gave during the session.

Miloco: Name of band members and instrument of choice?
Dark Room Notes:
Ruairi Ferrie – Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Ronan Gaughan – Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Arran Murphy – Keyboards, Vocals
Darragh Shanahan – Drums

Miloco: What project are you doing here at Miloco (e.g. recording, mixing or remixing / single tracks or album) and when’s it due to be released?
DRN: Making an album. Due for release early 2009.

Miloco: Which Miloco studio/s are you using and why did you choose it/them?
DRN: The Square – Good vibe, nice synths, courtyard, huge kitchen

Miloco: Please describe The Square in one line:

square drawing

Miloco: Who was your studio assistant, and how was your studio assistant?
DRN: Catherine Marks – She has a good soul and was in and out of the way at the right times in the right places all day.

Miloco: How did you come about working with Ciaran Bradshaw on this project?
DRN: He was recommended to us by Nick Seymour. He heard us and wanted to hear more.

Miloco: What does Ciaran bring to the project that other producer engineers wouldn’t?
DRN: He knows that how he feel while playing is very important. We also like dressing up. We dress up sad or happy, sexy or sassy, tough or angry. He knows our songs backwards and is like a fifth member.

A few silly questions / requests that really don’t mind silly answers!! –

Miloco: The song you wished you’d written:
DRN: ‘Orinoco Flow’ by Enya

Miloco: The song you’re glad you didn’t write:
DRN: ‘The Birdie Song’ by The Tweets

Miloco: What’s the strangest rumour you ever heard about yourself?
DRN: That I chew the floor and eat heros on a shelf.

Miloco: You are placed in front of a time machine. Which year in history would you travel to and why?
DRN: I’d go to before ‘Back To The Future’ was made and I’d make a bet that it would be made. I’d win loads of money and spend it on honey

Miloco: Draw us a picture!

band of horses by dark room notes


Miloco: Any additional info you’d like to let us know about?
DRN: We like beans

Dark Room Notes were speaking to Miloco in August 2008.

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