Holed up in Miloco’s The Pool studio with producer Luke Smith and engineer Ferg Peterkin in the Autumn of 2006, Shitdisco lent us some time for a quick artist Q&A…

A) The facts:

A1) What material did you record here at Miloco?

Shitdisco: Album

A2) When is it due to be released?

SD: Jan/Feb 2007

A3) Are there any guest artists on this project/are you collaborating with anyone?

SD: Kieran (Prodigy’s Drummer)

A4) How would you describe the music you’re making at this moment in time?

SD: Fast & loud

A5) How long are you spending here at Miloco?

SD: 1 week

A6) Have you recorded here before?

SD: Nope

A7) Who are you working with, why, and how’s it going?

SD: Luke Smith & Fergus [Peterkin]. It’s going good.

A8) What do you like about Miloco and what do they seem to offer differently from other studios ?


A9) Please describe Miloco in 12 words… SD: Recording studio in London. It is just off the Old Kent Road.

B) Favourite album section:

B1) What was your favourite album when you were:

a) 5-12 yrs old? Big Mix 96
b) 13-16? Big Mix 96
c) 17-25? Big Mix 96

B2) If you could have been involved in the writing or recording of any one album, which one would it have been?

SD: Big Mix 96

B3) What is your favourite album cover and why?

[No answer given but we can probably guess. Ed]

B4) Which other band or solo-artist has influenced you most over the last 12 months?

SD: Jesus

C) Another question:

C1) What’s the last book you read/what are reading now?

SD: The Bible

C2) What’s the last thing you ate?

SD: The Bible

C3) Who are you least likely to be sending a Christmas card to this year?

SD: Satan

D) All-comers title fight:

D1) Who would win a fight between… a pickled egg and a scotch egg? And why?

SD: Fergegg [we assume this is a unique life form composed of Miloco engineer Ferg and, well, an egg. This creature advances to the next round. Ed]

E) Final music section:

E1) Which is the best gig you’ve ever been to?

SD: Live 8

E2) What’s the worst behavior ever witnessed at a gig (your own, someone else’s, on/off/back stage)?

SD: Genocide

E3) If your Miloco engineer, Ferg, was a breakfast cereal, which would he be?

SD: Black pudding flakes

Shitdisco were talking to Miloco in Autumn 2006.

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