Tribes recorded at The Garden Studios in October 2010. Here is an interview from the tracking sessions.

Miloco: It’s great to have you here at Miloco. What project are you working on and how’s it all going?
 Two songs… it’s going great… love it! (We’re happy to be here, thanks!)

Miloco: You’ve been working in The Garden. What have you enjoyed about the studio?
 The view, the sound and the banter. Also, the game where you swap the name / part of the name of a band / musician and replace it with something fish-related, eg. Squid Vicious.

Miloco: How would you describe the material you are working on

Miloco: Who was your studio assistant, and how were they?
 Bryan (Wilson) and Mark (Binge). Awesome.

Miloco: How did you come about working with Jimmy Robertson on this project and what do you feel he offers that other producers/engineers might not?
 We worked with him a while back (2006/7?) and we thought he could bring ‘a lot to the table’ in this sesh. He’s such a great bloke.

Miloco: What’s your favourite record of the last 12 months (give or take)?
 Everything Everything – ‘Man Alive’

Miloco: You are placed in front of a time machine. Which year in the past or future would you travel to and why?:
 1985 – I would try and woo Johnny’s mum, ad become his father. He’s 2 weeks older than me so it would be really weird.

Miloco: If you could change one thing to benefit today’s music industry, what would it be?
 I’d release more of my solo work.

Miloco: Draw us a picture!

Tribes were speaking to Miloco in October 2010.

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