Zulu Winter

Zulu Winter interview at Miloco Studios The Pool in 2011.

Miloco: It’s great to have you here at Miloco. What project are you working on and how’s it all going?
 Zulu Winter debut! Very well…

Miloco: You’ve been working in The Pool. What have you enjoyed about the studio?
: The equipment and the space. The Fender Precidion and the B15 Ampeg.

Miloco: How would you describe the material you are working on?

Miloco: Who was your studio assistant(s), and how were they?
 Joseph (Rodgers) – Good. He needs a pay rise.

Miloco: How did you come about working with Tom Morris on this project and what do you feel he offers that other producers/engineers might not?
 He’s a sixth member of the band. We would have no one else.

Miloco: What’s your favourite record of the last 12 months (give or take)?
Caribou – Swim

Radiohead remix album.

Miloco: You are placed in fron of a time machine. Which year in the past or the future would you travel to and why?
 1962. To buy a bass.

Miloco: Draw us a picture:

naked woman on a piano from zulu winter band interview


Picture: Miloco assistant Joseph Rodgers.

Zulu Winter were speaking to Miloco in December 2011.

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