Call me Cruella

Florence + The Machine

Released 21/05/21

If you’ve been to the cinema this summer, you’ll no doubt have heard (and probably felt) the latest big-hitter recorded at The Pool thumping into the corridors and rattling your popcorn.

We were honoured to welcome Florence + The Machine into the studio in February, to record their latest track “Call me Cruella,” from the soundtrack of Disney’s latest movie, “Cruella.” Recorded by engineer Billy Halliday and assisted by Ben Loveland, the track features a driving, throbbing bassline and huge drum sounds to compliment Florence’s iconic vocals.

Florence’s “Cruella” is as blissfully ethereal yet haunting as you might expect, with the singer stating she was grateful to composer Nicholas Britell for trusting her with “Cruella’s beautiful madness.” This is expertly conveyed through the intimately theatrical performance, with the almost whisper-like vocals right up front and centre in the mix. Of the song, Britell said the goal was to “embrace the raw rock aesthetic of 60s and 70s London,” playing right into the hands of the vast selection of vintage gear housed at The Pool, and the unique vibe of its coveted live room. In fact, the entire soundtrack was recorded on vintage gear onto analogue tape to give it the authentic feel of the era. You can hear these influences throughout the track, with a Simple Minds-esque, driven bassline acting as the intro, and definite Stevie Nicks vibes throughout, blending with Florence + The Machine’s natural style.

Cruella hit cinemas on the 28th May, and you can stream the entire soundtrack featuring Call me Cruella (Track 1) below. Check out the lyric video too, featuring some visuals from the film. For more info on The Pool and its incredible selection of vintage gear, click here.

Click the badge in the header to listen to Call me Cruella on Apple Music, or stream on Spotify below.

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