Hudson Taylor

Released 11/10/13

Hudson Taylor’s most recent single, ‘Care’, was written at Miloco’s Osea Island and recorded at The Pool. They enjoyed their time there so much, it led to their latest EP Osea being named after their experience on the island.

The Irish duo’s Folk Pop blend really shines through in this track, with a foot-stomping chorus, warm, acoustic guitars and tambourines whilst brothers Harry and Alfie create naturally appealing harmonies.

Telling the story of a relationship on the rocks, they express the dilemma of finding out someone is being cheated on, singing ‘He’s been cheating on you, messing with your head, I only say it ‘cos I care..’. It’s a beautifully sweet and honest song, managing to ride the wave of the Acoustic Folk music scene whilst maintaining originality.

Listen to the track below

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