Caustic Love

Paolo Nutini

Released 14/04/14

After 5 long years, Paolo Nutini is back with his latest album, Caustic Love. A swirling haze of smooching blues riffs, serenading strings, rasping vocals and funk-ridden guitar riffs, this record is a far cry from the happy-go-lucky ditties of past Nutini releases.

Of course, the record is not without these jolly numbers – that side of Paolo’s music is very much still alive and kicking – but there is a real sense of refinement and maturity in these new tracks. Following on from 2009’s Sunny Side Up album, Caustic Love stands out as Nutini’s coming of age record, possibly even career defining.

The lead single, Scream (Funk My Life Up), is instantly likeable; one of those real feel-good, toe-tappingly infectious tracks. The big-band vibe, the funky brass interjections and the catchy vocal hooks make this the perfect intro to Caustic Love; an album aiming straight for the heart.

Let Me Down Easy is a sultry duet with the introduction provoking images of hazy, smoke-filled 1920’s bars. With an RnB laid back beat and darker lyrics from Paolo, “We are broken by others, but we mend ourselves”, this track is the perfect example of Caustic Love’s smooth and seductive side.

Carrying on along the theme of Paolo’s love interest, Better Man is a beautiful and honest lament. “That girl makes me wanna be a better man. And should she see fit, I wanna treat her like a real man can”. As the track goes on, it gradually unfolds into a soulful chorus as the warming tones of a hammond gently swells and lulls.

Written by Paolo himself, Caustic Love was largely produced by Dani Castelar, recorded at Miloco’s The Square Studio and Toy Rooms in Brighton and mixed by Craig Silvey at Toast Studios. The album is due out on 14th April 2014.

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