Early Days


Released 27/03/20

Sitting somewhere between Jill Scott and Minnie Riperton but with a distinctly London view-point, 22-year old Duchess is a singer with a lot of soul. Hailing from Plumstead, Dutchess 

grew up as one of eight siblings in more locations than she can remember. 

Her recent EP release, ‘Early Days’ showcases her fusion of R&B, soul and hip-hop. Two of the four tracks on the EP were recorded at Miloco’s Dock Street Studio: The slow-burning song, Why Can’t We sees Duchess take back control in a relationship breaking down, while When It All Falls Down shows the singer standing alone – but firmly on her own two feet.

An EP that’s constantly trying to break listeners’ hearts, it is ultimately a body of work that will strive to lift its listeners up – a true reflection of the life that Duchess has lived so far, and the message she is destined to carry with her.

“The sessions were very fun to be in and had a lot of energy,” says Dock Street’s Harry Bennett, who assisted on the two tracks. “Duchess and her sister would write a song a day in the live room using our 1890’s John Spencer upright piano.”

Bennett points out that Duchess was one of the first artists, if not the first, to record through Miloco’s new SSL AWS-948 console. 

“This is the centerpiece of the studio,” he clarifies. “She recorded using a Flea 47 microphone, going through a chain including a distresser, compressor and Neve 8173 preamp.” 

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