Love In Arms

Gabriel Bruce

Released 03/05/13
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Signed to Luv Luv Luv records (Violet, Splashh, IO Echo) Gabriel Bruce’s long-awaited debut album has already seen much acclaim. Dubbed as David Bowie-meets-Nick Cave-meets-Billy Idol and Springsteen, there’s a lot to take in with this first release.

Jumping into action with the disco foot-stomper, Dark Lights, Shine Loud, Bruce’s deep, lip-quivering baritone is immediately memorable, setting the tone for the rest of the album. Honey, Honey, Honey is a driving, sing-along with a Rock n’ Roll tinge, whilst Sleep Paralysis allows the first breather to be taken. A slow ballad, Bruce bellows the line “I’ve got this feeling that we’re dead”, repeatedly, with that same frank, starkness of the melancholy found in a Leonard Cohen song, particularly in Bruce’s bass-y vocals.

Perfect Weather is laden with 80’s drum machines, cheesy saxophones and a catchy chorus not unlike a U2 stadium-worthy number; the penultimate burst of happiness before Sermon On The Mount’s Hallelujah-esque offering takes hold, complete with church organ and pained vocals.

Despite regular references to past eras and 80s icons; Bruce still adds his own twist, creating a package of charming familiarity wrapped up in modern, Indie-Pop songs. Produced and Mixed by Craig Silvey at Miloco’s The Garden Studio, Love In Arms is well worth a listen and guaranteed to leave you feeling all the more wholesome for it.

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