Music For Cars EP

The 1975

Released 04/03/13
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The third EP to be released by Manchester foursome, The 1975, ‘Music For Cars’ acts a tasty appetiser before fully satisfying us and delivering the goods with their highly anticipated debut album later this year.

The Manchester foursome’s five-track offering is a colourful mix of blissful pop anthems intertwined with hazy, atmospheric numbers conjuring both nostalgia and cutting-edge song-writing and production.

Opening the EP is ‘Anobrain’, a track that seems to be engulfed in a dream-like state with airy, echoed vocals and minimal instrumentation. Lasting only 1 minute 54 seconds long, the song’s somewhat abrupt fade-to-end plays out like a foggy end to a dream, waking up content and bleary-eyed.

Lead single, ‘Chocolate’, mixed, recorded and produced by Mike Crossey atLivingston Studio 1, is an upbeat pop track complete with catchy hook, perfect indie guitar riff and a super, solid-sounding beat. Having already seen huge success with this song and grabbing the highly-desired Radio One audience well and truly by their swoopy fringes, the Manchester boys are perhaps now keen to show a softer side with the rest of their EP. Take ‘HNSCC’, for example; another short track, but this time an ambient instrumental that swells in and out of consciousness almost hypnotically.

‘Heads.Cars.Bending’ is a decidedly electronic affair; neatly side stepping from the indie guitar formula to introduce a beat-heavy, syncopated track thick with layered vocals and harmonies for a real atmospheric sound. Dirty synths, claps and percussive clicks give the haziness a sense of structure, cautious not to veer too far from the Indie boundaries.

‘Me’ closes the EP with waves of ethereal vocals, isolated beats and whirring synth sounds. As the track progresses, it morphs into a kind of slow jam with smooth, jazzy saxophones and finger clicks introduced – perfect Sunday afternoon listening; unexpected and brilliant.

This is a truly diverse record from The 1975, proving these indie boys are more than just a one-trick pony.

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