Old Faces – Single

Laura Doggett

Released 11/01/15
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Laura Doggett single ‘Old Faces’ was produced by Matt Johnson and recorded and mixed by Al Stone at Miloco’s Angelic Studio.

“The vibe at Angelic was fabulous,” said Matt. “The combination of the rural backdrop, a very well kitted out studio with really useful spaces and the fantastic accommodation and great food made for an amazing atmosphere. There is something about getting away and having everyone just focused on making music. It stops the process being just a job, and makes it a group experience which everyone can feel part of. That brings results.”

The vocals with Laura were generally the Neumann U 47 microphone going through an AMS Neve 1073 microphone preamp via the Pye compressor.

“We worked crazy long days and it never felt like a chore,” said Matt. “The smaller live room is great for drums in my opinion, and the U47 is one of the best I’ve heard. There is an amazing amount of rare keyboards and guitar amps too!”

Al Stone controlled the engineering side of things in this instance, and found getting a good sound very easy at Angelic.

“Old Faces had a great vibe from the beginning, but just kept getting better the more we added,” said Al. “The mix process was great fun, as it always should be!

“Having been involved in a chunk of the recording process, I had gained a good insight as to what both Laura and Matt were looking for which is always good to have in hand. The whole process felt very organic and it was a pleasure to work with both Matt and Laura.”

Laura and Matt wrote ‘Old Faces’ at Matt’s home studio.

“Laura had recalled the feeling she had growing up in her small hometown, and I empathised with that by keeping the music very stripped back and emotional,” said Matt. “In a couple of hours, we had the song. Like all the best ones, it just came out.”

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