Royce Wood Junior

Released 03/11/14
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Rover is the new single from Londoner, Royce Wood Junior.

Having collaborated with artists like Kwabs, Rosie Lowe and Jamie Woon on past tracks, Royce goes it alone on this latest offering, letting his own distinctive style and soulful vocals take the limelight this time.

With an ethereal intro, slick Garage-sounding beats gradually creep in, later accompanied by RWJ’s falsetto vocals, sharp and haunting. His production skills are evident on this track with synths and sound effects oozing in and out perfectly. The honey-smooth harmonies of RWJ’s lower registers add depth and warmth making this a beautifully serene late night jam.

The success of Rover, it seems, is down to the blend of styes that RWJ is able to combine so effortlessly.

Rover is available to download immediately when you pre-order his forthcoming Rover – EP. Rover and the forthcoming album titled Ashen Tang will be released through 37 Adventures, were recorded at The Summerhouse writing studio on Osea Island back in July of this year and they stayed in The Laurels accommodation.

Listen to the track Rover here, pre-order the 12-inch vinyl here, and pre-order the digital EP here. Due out on the 1st December with the album expected in The Spring.

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