You’re Lonely / Mother

Die Mason Die

Released 16/08/13

Released through Young And Lost Club on 16th August, the band have put out single, ‘You’re Lonely’, along with B-side, ‘Mother’, as fresh additions to their often attributed genre description of ‘Ghost-Folk’.

You’re Lonely‘ opens as a slow, solemn and serious affair complete with haunting reverb and delicate vocals. Layers of percussion, guitar strums and brass chords are built up beautifully before the accompaniment is stripped down to just a finger-picked acoustic guitar and pained vocals. The chorus, with the line ‘It’s my fault….I don’t trust love anymore’, echoes above pounding drums as intensity swells and lulls. This is a perfectly polished track.

Mother‘ is a more typically folky track. Minimalistic and heartfelt, the production is balanced beautifully.

Produced, mixed and recorded by Gotham’s Bryan Wilson, the two tracks were part recorded at Miloco’s The Square and mixed in Engine Room. Take a listen to the songs below:

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