24-96 Mastering

"No-Compromise Mastering Perfection"

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24-96 Mastering Studio Introduction

24-96 Mastering studio is home to the acclaimed mastering engineer Robin Schmidt, and offers mastering of the highest standard. This is a state-of-the-art stereo and surround mastering studio built around a no-compromise philosophy. Your tracks are guaranteed to sound amazing.

Robin uses only the very best equipment available to mastering engineers. The specification includes the Sontec 462 8 band equalizer, Avalon 2077, Manley Vari-MU, Sontec 250 and Tube-Tech SMC2B-M, and Point to Point wiring is used throughout the studio.

24-96's incredible design achieves perfect acoustic linearity. It is also one of the quietest mastering studios you can find anywhere in Europe. Thanks to the high levels of attention to detail, 24-96 produces an extremely clear sound which helps Robin master hit after hit. The results speak for themselves. Robin can do online mastering or attended.

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