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MusicTech - DEC 2016. A Sharp Front Cover AND review in Jan 2017

In December 2017 as part of an edition focused on how to create the perfect studio space - the magazine choose A SHarp Recording studios for the front cover of the edition. 

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Soli State Logic, A Sharp Recording Studio Interview

Even before the refurbishment started a new cosole was chosen to replace the tired and dated existing cosole. An SSL AWS 948 was ordered. Solid State Logic interviews A Sharp to better understand why...

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Audio Technology Magazine, A Sharp Recording Studio Review

Following the refurbishment of A Sharp, Audio Technology Magazine reviewed the studio as part of their 'Studio Focus' feature. 

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Mixdown Magazine, A Sharp Recording Studio Interview

Michael Edney of MixDown Magazine investigates A Sharp Recording Studios in a short review as to why A Sharp is one of the most sophitocated studios in Sydney...

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