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A Sharp is the oldest independent recording studio in Sydney with music first being recorded in the early 1970's. It's been the home to many a recording over the years and has remained an active studio since it was first opened over 40 years ago.

In late 2014 the studio was sold, totally gutted and refurbished which involved a complete acoustic analysis, electrical re-installation and total equipment upgrade. As such A Sharp Recording Studio is recognized in Sydney as a well thought out working living space for tracking and a seriously excellent mixing environment. In fact, Grammy Album Nominee Producer Steve James wouldn't mix anywhere else in Australia!

The choice on monitoring and desk was decided right at the initial stages of the acoustic analysis by acoustician David Spargo of Praxis Acoustics, lecturer at Sydney University. The acoustic build of the new control room took several months to complete and boasts a new SSL 948 AWS joined by a pair of ADAM S3x-H's, NS10m's, Genelec 8040b's and Avantone mix cubes - a diverse range of monitoring options.

As well as the 24 channels of SSL Mic Pres's, A Sharp is constantly expanding it's selection of external mic pre's including 4x 1073's, 2x 1081's, 2 x 8801's with a VoxBox and Avalon 737sp. As many freelance engineers who use the studio comment; there's a well chosen array of compressors and EQ's at A Sharp for a variety of recording or mixing requirements from Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Neve, GML, Manley, Chandler, Tube Tech and many more.

To assist with fan noise reduction in the control room, a machine cupboard was designed so as to accommodate the three AVID HD I/O 16x16 providing 48 inputs and 48 outputs and Antelope OCX-V for the Pro Toos HDX system. Also, within this cupboard are all the multi-effects processor and reverb units such as the Eventide H8000 and Bricasti Mainframes all linked for ease to their remotes by the SSL.

A large control room window fitted with 12.5mm Viridian V-lam Hush acoustic glass, provides excellent visibility into the main live area which measures circa 50m2. The room was floated and fitted with a beautiful large plank European Oak floor. With a ceiling of 3.2 meters acoustic design was important. Spargo requested a  full-length flutter free wall, which was manufactured to order in the USA for the studio. Installed for high frequency sound diffusion, this wall controls interfering reflections that degrade sound quality and therefore enhance the acoustic performance of the live area. Many engineers are surprised at what a great sounding room it is for any source recorded, be it drums, vocals or strings. Opposite to the Flutter-free wall a large 9-meter acoustic curtain was installed to provide further acoustic options when recording.

Within the main live room area is an Alex Steinbach Grand Piano (176cm) that is regularly maintain and serviced. Probably 1 in a hundred, this piano is a beautiful mellow sounding piano that has featured on many recordings. 

Connected to the end of the main live area are 2 isolation booths separated by a large Solid Tasmanian Oak folding doors. Within are a variety of amps and cabs from Ampeg, Fender, Marshall and Vox. The largest Iso-Booth can accommodate the in-house drum kit; a 1972 Ludwig Maple kit with Mahogany wrap 24",12",13",16".

Finally, there's an excellent choice of studio classic microphones featuring, Neumann, Coles, Telefunken, Royer, AKG and many more.

A Sharp is situated in the suburbs of Sydney in the center of Riverwood with free all day parking and next to an eclectic choice of local restaurants and take-way shops that are open early till late. Only some 200m from the main Riverwood train station, it's a quick train journey to both Domestic and International Airports on the T2 line which is also direct to Central Station and City of Sydney.

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