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"The best residential studio I have ever worked in."

Stephen Street

"Artists need time for development. Personally I like proper desks and great mics. With a residential there's something about being squirrelled away with no distractions and that intensity just works; being in a great studio is an event. A bedroom is always going to be a bedroom - Some of the biggest records from the last 20 years were done in residentials, they have that inspirational thing which makes you create better music."

Toby Smith

"Amazing gear - brilliant sounding acoustic spaces and control room, great staff, excellent food, fantastic environment... What more could a residential offer?"

Markus Dravs

"Angelic's main live room is a truly beautiful sounding space. This, in combination with the excellent selection of vintage mics and outboard, a fantastic staff engineer and a wonderfully relaxed rural atmosphere has meant that every session I've done there has been an absolute pleasure. The productivity benefits of staying only a stones throw from the control room are inarguable. There are few places I'd rather record."

Jon Gilmore

"It is, by a long shot, one of the best residential studios I have ever worked at."

Chris Sheldon

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