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"Knocking on Heaven's Door"

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Angelic Residential Recording Studio Intro

Angelic Studios is an excellent residential recording studio located near Banbury.

We are honoured to be representing Angelic in partnership with producer and former-Jamiroquai keyboardist and songwriter, Toby Smith. Hidden away in the heart of rural England, Angelic was opened as a new residential in 2009 to provide artists with a completely exclusive and idyllic setting to record in. Based in two beautiful farm buildings, it has been converted and refurbished to perfection. The studio is built around a large and spacious control room featuring an SSL SL8072 G+ console, powerful monitoring and an amazing collection of outboard including many original vintage neve modules. The first of two recording rooms features a high, gabled roof, original stone walls and vast curtained windows, and therefore offers a diverse range of live and dead sounds. The second recording room is a guitarist's dream, filled with a collection of rare guitars, bass guitars and amplifiers. The studio also boasts Toby's career-collection of keyboards, synths and guitar pedals.

In a separate building is the accommodation, featuring 4 modern and chic bedrooms. There is a large kitchen and a huge, relaxing lounge complete with home cinema, table tennis, PS3 and dining area. There's a perfect balance of contemporary design and original antique features throughout the house and studio, depicting Angelic's unique character and first-class appeal.

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