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Angelic Studio Overview

The studio at Angelic is a formidable recording and mix environment. It lives in a huge converted barn building, and is spread across two light and spacious floors. The studio areas are located on the ground level, with a large recreation / pool room on the first floor.

At the heart of the studio is an expansive control room, which is centred around a pristine SSL SL8072 G+ with Total Recall and Ultimation; the same desk which used to live in Townhouse Studio 2. It is joined by a great selection of monitors: ATC SCM200s, Barefoot MicroMain 27s, Yamaha NS10Ms and Auratones, powered by Quad and ATC amps. Sat behind the desk is the outboard, including many Dynamics, EQs and Effects. Of particular note are the vintage Neve mic-pres: 4 x 1084s, 6 x 1100s and 8 x 33114s. At the back of the control room is the Protools HD3 rig with three 192 interfaces and two Apogee Convertors, providing 48 inputs and 56 outputs, which sits in an isolated cupboard to minimise background noise. There is also a large store cupboard where you'll find Toby Smith's incredible collection of keyboards and guitar pedals. Have a browse and take your pick!

To the right of the control room is a large glass divide looking into the main live space. This is a spectacular recording room with a towering gabled ceiling and original wooden beams. The room comprises a beautiful oak floor and 3 tall stone walls that produce a fantastic live sound. There are two very large windows looking out to the country surroundings and providing a glorious amount of daylight. Draw the large curtains and you can dampen the acoustics to achieve a more 'dead' sound. The room houses a drum kit and stunning Yamaha g3 Grand Piano.

On the opposite side of the control room is the second live space. Like the main live room, musicians will benefit from ample floor and ceiling space, and plenty of daylight. The room is a guitarist's dream. It is filled with countless beautifully maintained models by the likes of Fender and Rickenbacker, and amps by Ampeg, Fender, Marshall and Vox. There is also a Yamaha Upright Piano in the room. The second live room offers something different to the first - there is a large carpet and several fabric panels for a more controlled sound, however it still features the building's original stone walls and high ceiling for a live feel. There's a magnificent collection of microphones at the studio, featuring AKG, Coles, Neumann, Royer and many more. Toby has also had some special customised absorption panels made up, offering an assortment of bass traps and full range absorption.

Opposite the second live room is a good size isolation booth, which is perfect for vocal recording but is also a very suitable alternative for tracking guitars. As with the rest of the studio, the booth benefits from clear visibility to all the other rooms through a number of large soundproof windows, which enhance the studio's open and expansive feel.

The rest of the studio building comprises a small kitchen area, and large upstairs lounge area with pool table, luxurious furniture and a Minstrel's Gallery overlooking the main tracking room.

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