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"Knocking on Heaven's Door"

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Angelic Studio Rates & Pricing

Please call the Miloco office on +44 (0)207 232 0008 or email to discuss rates. 

* Prices including catering for up to 5 people and accommodation unless specified.

* Days are 24 hours with accommodation and catering, and 12 hours without accommodation.

* For more than 5 people an additional £25 per person a day for food. £50 per person food and accommodation.

What the rates include

  • Angelic Residential studios is booked as 24 hour day when accommodation and catering is required. If accommodation and catering is not required the length of day will be a 12 hour day.
  • All the prices exclude VAT which is chargeable at 20%.
  • The rates include an assistant (unless stated) but not an engineer. You can hire one of our engineers on top of the rate.
  • All prices exclude tapes/materials, cabs and hire costs.
  • The rates include the equipment shown on the equipment specification but as you can imagine the gear does break from time to time. If we cannot replace the gear we cannot offer a discount on the rate. Of course in the unlikely scenario that a major breakdown happens during the session (such as the console / tape machine) we shall discuss the time lost.
  • Any equipment that is 'subject to availability' on the individual room specifications, needs to be requested prior to the session.
  • Piano tuning is charged from £ 60.00 / call out. We would always recommend that you tune the piano prior to use.

Day Rate

This is the official day rate of Angelic studio without accommodation and catering. If you are booking Angelic without accommodation or catering the rate wil be for a 12 hour day. A lockout day rate can be arranged by calling the office prior to the commencement of the session.

Lockout Rate

The Lockout rate for Angelic Studio is as you can imagine the rate to guarantee a 24 hour day (depending on your start time). This will also include accommodation and catering for up to 5 people. For numbers over 5 people the charge will be twenty pounds per person per day.

10 day Rate

The 10-Day Rate offers a slightly cheaper rate on the lockout rate. This again includes accommodation and catering.

Terms & Conditions

To view Miloco's Terms and Conditions which cover all bookings relating to this studio please view them here.