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"Welcome Home to one of Europe's biggest residential recording studios, in the middle of nature."

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Welcome Home.

DAFT Studios is so much more than a recording studio. We are a creative residence. From writing sessions, rehearsal sessions, demo sessions to recording and mix sessions and even tour pre-production sessions: we have the spaces for you to work in, in the most comfortable conditions and in an inspirational setting.

Our main studio is a high end, Neve 5088 equipped facility, consisting of one of the biggest recording rooms in Europe, a large control room and 4 isolated booths. For your comfort there is lots of daylight everywhere. The recording room is big enough to record a symphony orchestra, but also tight and compact enough to handle rock, pop or jazz music.

At the heart of the studio, our Neve 5088 Shelford edition will give your songs the sound they need. The new 5088 console, equipped with 5051 and 5052 compressor and mic pre-amp modules, of which Rupert Neve claims to be the best pre-amps ever built, offers an incredibly great sound. The desk has been completely designed by Mr. Neve himself. Its single-sided circuit topology and transformer-coupled inputs and outputs produce 10dB more headroom and an incredibly great dynamic range.

Centered around the console you'll find a great choice of outboard gear, ranging from vintage to state-of-the-art equipment.

We also provide you with a very large and high class microphone kit, from the vintage Neumann U67 to Neumann CMV563's, AKG C12 microphones and Schoeps microphones.

During production, you'll have all our backline at your disposal: a Hammond RT3, 2 Leslies, Fender Rhodes, Rickenbacker bass with Fender Bassman cabinet, a vintage Fender Telecaster, Fender Twin Reverb, Roland Jazz Chorus, Korg MS10, Korg VC10 vocoder, Korg Monopoly and many more...

Finally, the studio has a personal headphone monitoring system. Each musician can make his own headphone mix, which saves time and adds comfort for the musicians.

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