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Studio Overview

DAFT's main studio is a high end, Neve 5088 equipped facility, consisting of one of the biggest recording rooms in Europe. Spanning 200m2 with an 8m high ceiling, the space is brilliant for huge sounding drums, orchestral recording and film projects alike. There's 4 iso booths offering different characters and recording options, all alongside the studio's 70m2 control room.

Like in Abbey Road Studio 2, the control room is on the first floor; the difference being that DAFT adds a spacious gallery to one side of the live room, overlooking the open space and offering direct views into the control room. The spaced is bathed in natural light, and large enough to record a symphony orchestra, but also tight and compact enough to handle rock, pop or jazz.

At the heart of the studio sits a Rupert Neve Designs 5088 Shelford Edition console, equipped with 5051 and 5052 compressor and mic pre-amp modules, which Rupert Neve claims to be the best pre-amps ever built. Designed completely by Mr. Neve himself, the single-sided circuit topology and transformer-coupled inputs/outputs produce 10dB more headroom and an incredible dynamic range. Centered around the console you'll find a great choice of outboard gear, ranging from vintage to state-of-the-art equipment, a huge selection of mics including a vintage Neumann U67, Neumann CMV563's, AKG C12s and many more.

During production, you'll have the studio's entire backline at your disposal: including a Hammond RT3, 2 Leslies, Fender Rhodes, Rickenbacker bass with Fender Bassman cabinet, a vintage Fender Telecaster, Fender Twin Reverb, Roland Jazz Chorus, Korg MS10, Korg VC10 vocoder, Korg Monopoly and a Pleyel Model F Grand Piano.

Outside of the main studio, there are up to 10 writing rooms, which allow DAFT to regularly host writing camps in collaboration with authors, composers, artists and partners such as Sony ATV, BMG, Universal Music & Universal Music Publishing. The combination of the studios and adjacent hotel offers the perfect spot for writing camps; marrying inspiration and comfort with industry-leading specs.

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