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Recently opened, the studio is the only in the city that is home to a SSL Duality Console. With a SSL Alpha-Link MADI AX, AVID HD MADI interfaces and the Pro Tools HDX system we are able to record and mix using 24 channels simultaneously. All the hardware is connected with Canare cables.

In the Control Room you'll find some peripherals such as Manley Slam!, AEA RPQ Ribbon Pre, and a couple of Vintechs' X73i and APIs' 512c. It also features some awesome compressors and limiters like Chandler Little Devil, Empirical Labs Distressor, UA Teletronix LA2A, Maselec MLA-3 and SPL Transpressor. And if the SSL equalizers are not to your taste we also have a couple of APIs' 550b and a GML 9500 Mastering Equalizer. Our monitoring system was made specially for us with TAD components and it also has a couple of Barefoot's MicroMain 27, Yamaha's NS10M!

Neumann U87 and KM184, AKG 414 and D112, Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM57, SM58 and Beta52 are on our microphone list, which also counts with Royer R-101 Ribbon mic and the Telefunken ELA M251.

You can check our full equipment list here.

Recording rooms A and B have ceilings that are about 6 meters high making them sound very live, especially in Room B that has more than 50 square meters. However, if a dryer sound is wanted gobos can be placed on both rooms.

Also, all three rooms (Room A, B and the vocal booth) are connected with the Control Room, making live recordings possible without any room bleeding of an instrument on the others.

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