Freudenhaus Studio

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Freudenhaus Studio Overview

Freudenhaus Studio offers full daylight studio with a 24 qm (approx. 258 sq. ft) and a 6 qm (approx. 65 sq. ft) recording room, as well as a selection of classic drum kits, guitars and amplifiers.

The Freudenhaus recording philosophy is to avoid any audio compromises from the source to your choice of sound storage. A wide variety of vintage (matched AKG C12s, Neumann U47/M49 etc.) and current tube, condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics is complemented by an equally wide variety of mic-pres before being sent to a Pro Tools HD3 Accel / 192 system, either directly or using a CLASP24 setup through a Studer A827 24 track machine.

At the heart of Freudenhaus Studio's 36 qm (approx. 388 sq. ft) control room is an SSL Duality SE 48 channel console, which is surrounded by outboard racks stacked with an audiophiles dream team of compressors, equalizers and reverb units such as Helios, EAR, Manley, EMT, Lexicon, AMS etc. Lavry converters and a Telefunken M15 1" tape machine ensure the availability of your optimum sound choices for your final print.

A separate 10 qm (approx. 108 sq. ft) editing suite and a 30 sqm (approx. 323 sq. ft) studio lounge are available to fulfill your extra room and r&r requirements.

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