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Grand Street Recording Overview

Entering the studio you are greeted by a compact and accommodating office/kitchenette/repair area. To the left of the kitchenette is the bathroom that also provides isolation for guitar amps and other instruments.

Through the office, you make your way into the live room where the majority of instruments live. Shelves of vintage drums, guitar amps, beat boxes, microphones, keyboards, percussion and other noise-makers line the walls. Not to mention the vibey lighting which tends to suit video shoots really well. It's quite large for a New York studio. With a length of 35 feet this room is fantastic for drums, and can fit most bands and ensembles comfortably.

Then you come to the control room, the main artery, fully floating and sound locked. You'll notice a beautiful Studer A80 half-inch mixdown machine to your right as you enter, which sits next to racks full of class A circuitry and tube gear. Mixing is achieved in the analogue domain via 32 channels of Dangerous Music summing and Lynx Aurora converters. Monitoring with ATC mains, NS10s and Auratones gives guest engineers a familiar and accurate representation of what they're getting. There are books, magazines, Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies, guitar pedals, various vintage synthesisers and keyboards close at hand.

Beyond the control room is a treated iso booth which is great for any number of instruments. There are windows through the entire length of the space retaining sight lines at all times, and even a window to the outside world! 

Getting sounds here is a quick process, the thing you need is never far out of reach and the knowledgable staff can point you in the right direction.

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