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Welcome to JBJ Studio

Control Room 

Our control room is centred around a brand new SSL AWS 924 console. It has natural daylight and boasts well appointed furniture. To ensure a comfortable creative environment, air conditioning and heating systems have been installed. High speed wi-fi internet is available for downloads or online collaborations. 

The control room offers a linear, accurate sound thanks to the acoustic floating floor and the expertly aligned wall treatment, work that was completed by Graham Whitehead of Ethos Acoustics (Radio 3, Royal Opera House).


Live Room

The live room of 30 sq.m is ample space to accomodate full live set-up's. Good visibility into the control room is afforded by two large acoustically mounted safety glass windows. This enables better communication and feel when live tracking. The sonic characterisitcs of our live room are optimised for incredible drum sounds. We offer a drum sample library free of charge for clients. We also have a dead, dry zone within the live room where artists can achieve particulary close miked sounds.



A small kitchen is available with a fridge, kettle and microwave for keeping your food and drinks hot and your milk and drinks cold.

During downtime clients can make use of our Playstation ,relax on the large comfy sofa, and reflect on the fact our window glass, purchased from Pinewood Studios was actually the Ice Hotel floor in the the 007 film "Die another Day".