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JBJ Portobello Road Overview

Since opening in 2021, JBJ has amassed multiple hit records across a variety of different genres and has quickly established itself as one of the most exciting recording facilities amongst major labels and artists alike. The studio is truly one of a kind; on its doorstep lies one of London's most iconic, most filmed streets, yet when you enter the studio door you're immediately submersed into an oasis of creative possibility, and all the energy and theatre of Portobello Road couldn't feel further away. 

JBJ's studio space consists of a large naturally lit control room with high ceilings, a treated vocal booth, a larger tracking room with a Yamaha grand piano, three incredible en-suite double bedrooms and an artist chillout/green room with a Harmani pool table.

The core of every studio is its microphone collection, and JBJ offer some of the most reverred microphones ever made, including Neuman U87s & TLM170r, Coles 4038s, Brauner VM1, Royer R121 as well as many other dynamics and a few wild cards.

JBJ's engineers have spent years auditioning and collecting a vast array of some of the finest outboard equipment available. Their outboard racks feature compression favourites such as 1176, Thermionic Culture Pheonix, Retro Sta, Retro 176, Drawmer 1960 and SSL G Bus. For EQ duties, they rely on their GML 8200, API 560 (x2) and their stereo Retro Pultec, along with 24 channels of SSL E&G EQs. Despite having SSL and Neve 1073 preamps, the usual go to for vocals is their Fearn VT-2 which is a HUGE sounding tube preamp.

JBJ have built one of the most accurate control rooms in the country. They recently purchased the acclaimed Waves-modelled Quested Q412d rig from Abbey Road Studio 3 - and Quested themselves calibrated the speakers specifically to their new home. For more low level nearfield monitoring, there's a pair of ATC SCM25a's and Yamaha NS10's powered with Arcam amplifiers. For those looking to do ultra broad balancing, the studio also has a Pure Evoke radio and Oppo PM1 headphones. All of the above have been calibrated through a Trinnov ST2 Pro, ultimately meaning that during tracking and mixing you can be bold and trust every decision completely. 

The studio's team of incredible engineers and assistants understand exactly how to utilise each part of the studio effectively and yield the best results for your project. Depending on your genre, they'll discuss the specifics of your project and assign you with the most appropriate engineer. Between them, JBJ's engineers have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world (Skrillex, Stormzy, Olivia Rodrigo, Sigrid, Liam Payne etc).

JBJ Studio

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